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Crossing routes

Route thru the textile colonies beside the Llobregat River

The PR-C144 is a short-distance trail that follows the Llobregat River where you can enjoy the riverside scenery either on foot or by mountain bike, and discover all the industrial colonies of Llobregat river, from Berga to Balsareny.

The Llobregat textile colonies were linked by a number of trails, which have now been recovered over a 32-km route between Cal Rosal (near Berga) and Balsareny. This pleasant route, which takes visitors through riverbank woodland, fields and orchards, can be followed on foot or by bicycle along the river from colony to colony and allows visitors to discover hidden spots of river landscapes and superb views of this group of colonies that were constructed over 100 years ago.
Along the route, walkers and cyclists can see at first hand the basic elements (weir, canal, factory, houses, church, owner's mansion, school, shops, etc.) that were a part of the world of these colonies, where thousands of people lived and worked.


Length of trail: on foot, approximately 7 hours; by mountain bike, approximately 4 hours. 

  • Etiqueta 11

  • Starting point: Pont de Pedret

  • Ending point: Balsareny

  • Distance: 32 km.

  • maximum altitude: 535 m.

  • height difference: 450 m.

  • Signals: white-yellow marks




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