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Mountain biking behind Picasso

Picasso's stay in Gósol for two and a half months in the spring of 1906 marked the Malagan artist forever.

This stage was not only decisive for his artistic pursuit, but also a signal of the subsequent evolution of 20th-century pictorial art. It is well known that the trip from Guardiola to Gósol strongly impressed the artist and his partner Fernande Olivier.

It is also known that Picasso often wandered around the roads to capture landscapes for painting.

This easy and fun route, which is just over 6 km long, crosses most of the sections that Picasso and his partner made to reach Gósol, but there is also a lovely walk along the southern slope of Gósol. Picasso took a walk.



  • Etiqueta 11

  • Route number: B04

  • Town: Gósol

  • Type: Easy

  • Starting point: Gósol square

  • Ending point: Gósol square

  • Distance: 6 Km

  • Time: 1,5 - 2 hores

  • maximum altitude: 1466 metres

  • height difference: 130 metres

  • Signals:  EMbleMatiC marks

  • Etiqueta 12

  • Cartography: 45-Parc Natural del Cadí-Moixeró W. 1:25.000. Institut Cartogràfic i Geològic de Catalunya. Serra del Cadí - Pedraforca 1:25.000. Editorial Alpina

  • Etiqueta 13

  • Bibliography: Picasso en Gósol, 1906. Un verano para la modernidad. Jessica Jaques Pi. Visor Distribuciones. ISBN : 978-84-7774-682-9 El Pedraforca i les valls de Saldes i Gósol. Ramón Rovira Solà i Àngels Martín Celmà. Ed. El Farell.





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