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La pintoresca vall de Cerneres

The Cerneres Valley is a picturesque valley on the sunny side of the Serra del Cadí, one of the headwaters of the Vansa river (tributary of the Segre). A lonely, unknown valley that once housed a village. The strategic situation of the site made a squad of maquis consider it one of the good places to take refuge in a distraction maneuver towards the Civil Guard and the Francoist army in several parts of the Pyrenees. This was but its end, when discovering them the Civil Guard decided to destroy the neighborhood with mortar fire. There are several versions of the harshness of the destruction, there are those who secure a fierce fight, others who escaped before the platoon. The current state of the buildings is devastation, but only some walls that are reluctant to fall are visible.

From Gósol the proposal is to search for it in the western part, following the Camino Real de Josa and the Torrent de Ginebreda, to go up this valley to the Collell, just at the foot of Pedraforca. A strategic point and junction of roads, those that come from Saldes, the Gresolet valley, Gisclareny and those that go up to the Cadí and towards Cerdanya. Returning to Gósol along the road to Cerdanya allows you to enjoy good views of the entire valley along a very pleasant path.



The route leaves Plaça de Gósol along the Josa road to the north, following the signs for GR 150.1. A few meters later, before the social premises, follow a track on the left. Little by little you will leave the village of Gósol and pass between fields. When you reach the end of the cultivated area, the slope will be accentuated and the vegetation will cover the splendid views that you are getting from the Gósol valley. Once up Josa pass, there is a recreational area with tables and barbecues, for a first and well-deserved rest and let yourself be overwhelmed by this viewpoint of the Gósol valley.

Then cross the road and you will quickly begin to descend, first along a wide path through the forest. Immediately you will find a first crossroads, continue down the one on the left. Little by little, the path narrows to a path. Further down, in the middle of a bend, you will find another junction that in this case you have to continue straight down the Ginebreda stream. Once on the Cerneres river, which, despite its width, usually has very little water, follow it a little to the east, and then cross it to find the track that passes high, on its right bank. . Once on the track you will connect with the Route of Cerneres that comes from Josa. Follow it to the right. You will find a new crossroads, here the Route of Cerneres, goes to the left to pass through the ruined houses of the old hamlet of Cerneres. If you want to extend the route by half an hour, you can follow it, later they rejoin the track that this route proposes to follow, the one on the right by the margin of the stream. A few meters further on you will cross it and pass by the Cortal del Masover. From here the slope gets a little accentuated and goes into a more shady part. Before reaching the Bover hut, you will join the aforementioned Cerneres route. Follow the track until you reach the Collell - the Cerneres route through Josa, you turn off earlier, but in this case we do not recommend reaching the Collell.

Once you reach the Collell, there is a mandatory stop again. Enjoy being in this place with spectacular views of Cadí, Gresolet Valley, Pedraforca ... a strategic place where paths of all directions join Cerdanya crossing the Cadí to the north, Gisclareny to the east, Gresolet to the southwest. Saldes and Pedraforca to the south ... Once located and rested, return a short stretch following the GR 107, GR 150 and PR-C127 direction Gósol. A flat and very nice path awaits you, with beautiful panoramic views of the valley where you have gone up and all the western Cadí. You will pass a slightly slippery stretch of road where a good performance has been performed so that it does not give in, you can refresh yourself at the source of La Roca just at the foot of the path. It is a north face road that in winter may have frost or ice, so it is advisable in winter to carry crampons in your backpack and canes if needed. You will continue on the road always oriented west to Cap de Portella, where there are some plateaus and you will change towards the valley of Gósol for a much more wooded section. Once you cross the Coma de Caners stream, you also join the PR-C 123, which comes from the Verdet pass, to Pedraforca.

You will arrive at the Font Terrers recreational area and continue down the road from Cerdanya to Gósol. You will enter the village through the well-known neighborhood with the same name as the road, which indicates how important it was, to cross the Sierra del Cadi to the extensive Sardinian plain. You will soon be back in Plaça de Gósol, the end of this route.

  • Technical sheet

  • Route number: 44

  • Town: Gósol

  • Type: Middle

  • Distance: 12 Km

  • Time: 4 hores

  • maximum altitude: 1842 m.

  • height difference: 625 m.

  • To organise

  • Cartography: 45-Parc Natural del Cadí-Moixeró W. 1:25.000. Institut Cartogràfic i Geològic de Catalunya Serra del Cadí - Pedraforca 1:25.000. Ed. Alpina Massís del Pedraforca 1:15.000. Monteditorial

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  • Bibliography: El Massís del Pedraforca, Paratge Josa de Cadí: més que un poble de muntanya de Joan Obiols i Ríos . Ed. Solsona Comunicacions Inventari de Patrimoni: invarquit.cultura.gencat.cat

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