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Ascensió al Pedraforca des de Saldes

The Pedraforca massif rises to the south of the Cadí mountain range, which joins the Collell, and rises above the Gresolet valley and the Saldes river to the east, and over Gósol valley and the Aigua de Valls river to the west. Both for its geological characteristics and the richness of its natural systems, the Pedraforca Massif receives the cataloging of PNIN (Natural Area of ​​National Interest), within the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park; a figure reserved for those spaces characterized by the uniqueness of their natural values ​​from a scientific, landscape and educational point of view.

Without a doubt, it has been the characteristic silhouette of Pedraforca massif that has given this mountain the unusual character that distinguishes it from the rest of our peaks. The two Pollegons, of calcareous composition, are raised on the Enforcadura, made of much softer materials (the marls), the erosion over time has shaped its silhouette.

However, it is especially exciting to crown its upper peak. This route proposes the ascent to the Pollegó Superior by the classic route; from Lluís Estasen Refuge to the Verdet pass. The climb to the Pollegó and down the scree, but adds the appeal of doing it as the first ascents, from Saldes. You go up the pleasant old road from Saldes to the Mirador and descend directly from the junction of the path to the tartera and to the recreational area of ​​the Serra.

The route begins at the Interpretation Center of the Pedraforca Massif of Saldes. Following the PR-C 124 you leave the village to the west, through the Cardina district. Once past the house of Minoves, you take the first fairly open path overlooking Saldes, and gradually enter the pine and boxwood. It is a very steep path, very nice to walk. You will soon find the fork with the path where you will go down, now always go north. You will cross some forestry work and on the way you will find the fountain of Pere Miquel first and the small fountain of the solella on the Costa afterwards. Once you see the path, you will climb up, and now, in an accentuated way, you will immediately go out next to a raft, on the road. About 250 meters to the right you have the Mirador de Gresolet or the Pedraforca and the parking area of ​​the refuge. Before reaching the lookout point, take the path that you must follow towards the Refuge. We recommend, however, that before you head for this strategic lookout point, with spectacular views over the Gresolet valley and all the panoramic views with geological explanations of the Sierra del Cadí and Gisclareny.

The path will take you in just over 10 minutes to the Jaça dels Prats, where the Lluís Estaen Refuge is located and there is also a fountain. You will see a sign with several indications, you have to go in the direction of the Coll del Verdet by the PR-C 123. The first path goes up quite smoothly along a wide road in the west direction between the forest. It soon narrows and climbs gently across some streams that descend from the north wall of the mountain. After one of the streams, the path climbs steeper. You must follow the signs at all times and do not go too far north, as there is a path that will divert you from the route. Shortly after passing a cave, the road turns south to look for the Verdet canal to go up to the pass of the same name. You climb the milled path to the right of the canal.

Once on the Verdet pass, you come to the road that comes west of Gósol. You keep on heading south and soon you will start the climb where you have to be very careful at all times. Always be careful not to slip stones that may fall on other people who may be following you, and if any fall, alert those who may climb behind you. Once crowned the upper polygon it is necessary to rest a little and to gain strength with the breathtaking 360º views: Sierra del Cadi, Moixeró, Sierra de Gisclareny and Gresolet valley, Ensija mountain range and Verd mountain range ...

To return you will have to go down with caution to the south until the junction. Once here you will see the Gósol scree to the west and the Saldes scree, which you must follow to the east. This is a very fragile part of the mountain; For this reason, a path based on meshes and woods has been adapted for some years, so that everyone follows the same path and allows the recovery of this delicate habitat, damaged by high frequencies. The road is well delimited and also facilitates the descent. Once you have reached the end of the scree, where the PR crosses it and goes into the forest to the north to return to the Refuge, you must cross it too, but before entering the forest, follow the stream Slope down, now on its left side. The road is bordered with small piles of stones and has some old blue mark.


You will come to a road on the left, marked PR-C 127, which follows the perimeter of Pedraforca. Follow it down about 200 m until another bounded path also turns left. Follow it, this is the path to the Serra. After crossing a flatter, stony section, you head down to the recreational area of the Sierra.
Here you just have to cross the shelter road, without following it, and passing by a service house, enter the forest a little to the right to find the entrance to the march down, still with some mark of the 'old SL. You enter an area of beams that indicate its cultivation in the past. The road is turning to save the unevenness. After a left turn, you will again see the houses of Saldes below your feet. You will connect with the path that you have climbed, which you will now have to follow on the left, continuing to descend and soon you will be in the Cardina district and again in Saldes.

  • Technical sheet

  • Route number: 58

  • Town: Saldes

  • Type: Difficult

  • Distance: 12,5 Km

  • Time: 6,5 hores

  • maximum altitude: 2506 metres

  • height difference: 1500 metres

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  • Cartography: 45-Parc Natural del Cadí-Moixeró W. 1:25.000. Institut Cartogràfic i Geològic de Catalunya Serra del Cadí - Pedraforca 1:25.000. Ed. Alpina Massís del Pedraforca 1:15.000. Monteditorial

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  • Bibliography: Pedraforca màgic d'Isabel Artero i Novella. Ed. Farell

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