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Sant Salvador - or the Third Mary - is the name as it is known one of the most imposing morrals of the Capolat cliff, one of the best viewpoints in Central Catalonia from which to enjoy multiple peaks and valleys and all the internal plain that l 'hosts. The access can be made from several places. The proposal of this itinerary is to do it for one of the smoothest, from the local road of Capolat, being so flat and easy. Along the way you will pass interesting places such as the Canalejas fountain, the Espunyola reservoir, the buffalo, the Toreula plains or the fountain of marmons. A varied route through a lush area with spectacular views.

The route starts on the local road of Capolat, just after passing the house of Gragés and the turning of Torneula. There is a little esplanade where you can leave your car. Follow the path with yellow markings that goes into the forest, to the south. This one will lower you to the clutter of Foubes, passing by some cultivated fields and climbing immediately to the forest track of Torneula, which you have to follow to the right only about one hundred meters. There you have to follow the track that goes down to the right, you will return to the continuation of the track that you came. You will enter a forest area of ​​red pine until you reach a small esplanade where there is the fountain of Canalejes just at the foot of the track.

At this point, you have to leave the main track and enter the forest, to the left, crossing the vailet - the cattle spinning - by the way and continue on the road that goes east. Soon you will have the Espunyola reservoir at your feet, a small reservoir located in the municipality of Capolat, which is a water reserve in the neighboring municipality of Espunyola - at the foot of the cliff. In fact, there are two small reservoirs located just one next to the other, which collect the waters of the small tributary of the Navel stream. The swamp bottom is colonized by Myriophyllum grasslands (listed as community habitat). Transparency and excellent water quality make this space especially prominent as an important breeding ground for amphibians, especially various species of tritons. If you wish you can get closer by the path that goes down to the right.

When resuming the path, you will gradually gain height by an interesting path over the cliff of Sant Salvador. You will pass through open sections that already reveal the great panorama over much of Central Catalonia that awaits you at the summit. The path will widen to a track that will turn right into a closed bend. Keep going down to the right, and a few meters later you will find the indicator on the way to the ammunition. It is a steep descent where you have to be careful. You will arrive at a perpendicular path that you must follow to the right and you will soon see the entrance to the cavity. You have to bend down a bit to access it. Despite the initial darkness, your eyes will quickly become accustomed to it and you'll notice the cavity it hides. If you fly your imagination you are surely selling stories of fantastic beings coming out of the waters that hide. In humid times the water that accumulates inside reaches few meters of the entrance.

Once you have visited the buffalo, you must return to the track and continue to the right (if you have good orientation you can save the climb if you go only until the first crossroads and go down until you find the path marked also with yellow that goes down to Espunyola, and follow it up to the left). You will either come to a four-way intersection. To reach the summit, continue along the track that goes south. A good repeat and you will be on top of Sant Salvador. Here is an almost obligatory stop, to enjoy the spectacular views of Central Catalonia, Serra de Queralt, Catllassos, Puigmal, Cabrerès, Montseny, Lluçanès, Sant Llorenç del Munt, Pla de Bages, Montserrat and Solsonès, etc ... If the day is calm it is worth taking a good map and you will be able to find many places. You will also probably see the vultures (and hopefully some aufrany) take advantage of the heat generated in these steep terrain, as well as the paragliders who follow in their footsteps.

You will also see the rubble of a building. There are several theories, some place a pre-Romanesque church, the church of St. Salvador de Mata was consecrated in 900 by the bishop of the headquarters of Urgell. But it seems that those who place it at the foot of the cliff are gaining momentum, and here they place a 19th-century watchtower. X (Torneula) transformed into a farmhouse probably in the s. XIV-XV. Later it would have been constructed during the s. XVII the house of Torneula where it is today, in the access planes to the backpack where you will go to the return, much more suitable for a farmhouse. At this moment the old farmhouse located in this backpack would be renamed Sant Salvador.

Once you decide to start the return, you must undo the track now downhill until the fork in the path where you have gone up. Climb inland into the forest and after passing the edge of a plain, you will go further into the forest and follow the cliff to the Baga de Sant Salvador. You will pass through an open area with good views, now further east, to the Rasa Fonda, where you will connect with a track that you have to follow to the left, up. Here you will find one of the roads that goes up from Avià. You will cross another track and continue along a path in the middle of the forest to the Font dels Cóms de Marmons, drinking trough for the cows grazing there. You will pass over the coms, now replaced by old bathtubs and even a fridge that is less aesthetically pleasing and integrated into the environment than the old, hollowed-out wooden coms. Immediately the path turns left. You will pass by the hikers of the fenced and gradually you will climb to a more open area, where a good cut of the forest has recently been made to recover these old fields colonized by forest as pastures. The climb will be smooth and always tending to the left you will reach the main track of Torneula. Follow it now to the right, and by planning you will return to the beginning path, which in the opposite direction will return you to the place where you started the route.

  • Technical sheet

  • Route number: 47

  • Town: Capolat

  • Type: Easy

  • Distance: 8 Km

  • Time: 2,5 h.

  • maximum altitude: 1199 m.

  • height difference: 300 m.

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  • Cartography: 5-Berga. 1:25.000 Institut Cartogràfic i Geològic de Catalunya Rasos de Peguera - Serra d’Ensija 1:25.000. Ed. Alpina

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  • Bibliography: Inventari de Patrimoni: invarquit.cultura.gencat.cat

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