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Volta a Campalans

This excursion proposes a pleasant level walk, following two water courses: the irrigation of Casadejús and the irrigation of the nine fountains that together end up at the stream of Campalans. It mainly passes through red pine and oak forests, which are common in this area, but also a small area where beech and its seasonal changes prevail. The return crosses the stream several times, enjoying the water course and its small meanders, which in some cases leave a good slate wall exposed. Also several pools, which in summer will accompany the excursion with a final soak. If you go for a walk after the rains you have to play with your balance skills so that you do not end up in the water.

The route starts in front of the Campalans Camping reception, located in Campalans, a farmhouse already mentioned in the s. XVI that during the s. XVIII century grows and becomes one of the important farmhouses in the area. When starting to walk, follow the path to the right that goes north. About 300 meters later you will find a fork where you must continue straight on the main path. Once you cross the Casadejús irrigation channel, after passing a small old lock on your right, you will connect with a track that you will follow to the right for about one kilometer, until you find a path that descends to the right to the Nou Fonts irrigation channel. Cross it and continue along the path until you reach the wide path that comes from Sant Jaume and it is marked as the Road Network of Berguedà (yellow strip). From here you will continue down the river, enjoying a fun river walk, which will require you to cross it several times without getting wet. You will pass a section with an interesting beech forest, as well as several gorgs, the Gorg del Roure, Gorg de Canet (one of the largest) and Gorg del Tell. After the Gorg de Canet you can see the outcrops of slates and below, in the area known as the Sources of Sulfur and Iron, a zone of reddish outcrops, color that gives it the high iron content.

Once you have passed the small dam, which captures the water of the mill, you will come to a track where you have to stop following the yellow markings (which continue to flow down to the road), to continue on the track on the right, up. to the Molí de Campalans. An existing mill since the Middle Ages, although the current building is a 19th century construction. XVIII, following the traditional scheme of a farmhouse of classic structure and small. It worked as a mill until the s. XX, and is currently part of the facilities of the Campsite. Continue on the uphill track and you will soon be back at the Campsite reception, the end of the route.

  • Technical sheet

  • Route number: 52

  • Town: Borredà

  • Type: Very easy

  • Distance: 4 Km

  • Time: 1,5 h.

  • maximum altitude: 900 m.

  • height difference: 125 m.

  • To organise

  • Cartography: 64-Lluçanès. 1:25.000. Institut Cartogràfic i Geològic de Catalunya Catllaràs - Picancel 1:25.000. Ed. Alpina

  • More information

  • Bibliography: Inventari de Patrimoni: patrimonicultural.diba.cat

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