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Per la riera de Navel

This itinerary allows you to discover the natural interest area of Riera de Navel. The interest of this space is being a significant sample of an area of ​​forest character on the left bank of the Cardener, in a sector where agriculture has transformed the forest into crops. The hermitages of Navel, Sant Pere del Pujol de Planés, Sant Joan de Montdarn and the monastery of Serrateix give a historical-cultural complement to the itinerary.

The itinerary begins in front of the town hall of Serrateix located in the old church of Sant Martí. In the same parking lot is a panel with the map of the road network of Berguedà. Follow the yellow signs to Navel along the paved rural track. A few meters you pass in front of the imposing monastery of Serrateix. Later a stretch of forest track saves a few meters of asphalt. Finally leave the asphalt for a track to the right, towards the house of Capdecosta. Once past the house, you must start the descent until you cross the creek of Navel. Once crossed, follow the track to the left upstream on its left bank to reach Navel. The road plans along the stream, passing near the ruins of the Molinet and cross one of the tributaries of the stream, the ditch of the Hospital. A few more meters and you will connect with the GR 176 for half a km, until it leaves the track on the left and you will continue for a few more meters until you reach the tarmac already reaching Navel. You can approach the small Romanesque chapel of Navel from the 12th century and dedicated to Santa Maria. It is next to the eponymous farmhouse that preserves a part of the structure of the 18th century. It is currently uninhabited, but it must be taken into account that you are on a private property.

Once visited, you have to practically undo the path to the point where you crossed the creek. Just before that there is a crossroads, you will have to follow the one that goes up northeast, to the left. Little by little it gains height, to end up gliding surrounded by forests and advancing parallel to the stream that you will cross at ford just below Cal Llop. A little to the left of the path you can find a step (if you do not lower too much water it will avoid getting your feet wet). Once crossed you will climb the track passing the house of Cal Llop and later the Molí de Vilajosana. At the next fork of the tracks you have to go left and shortly after crossing the creek. You are right under the small reservoir of Serruita. At this point you will find an indicator of the space of an itinerary for the PEIN space. Continue along the stream until you reach the next fork. At the top of the mountain on your left you will begin to see Sant Esteve del Pujol de Planés where you are going. When you are at Cal Rebotit (on the other side of the stream) you will again find the GR 176. The proposal is to follow it on the left path and go up to the hermitage of Sant Esteve del Pujol de Planés. It is another small Romanesque church already documented in the s. XI that was modified several times, especially in the s. XVII. There is also a small picnic space and some useful shed in case of bad weather. Once you have visited the space and rested a little, you must return by the same path to where you left the track. Now you have to follow the direction Montclar. An option a little longer than the GR 176 to Sant Joan de Montdarn, but with a softer slope and a nice path along the stream. A little before you reach the house of Cal Fèlix, you leave the area of ​​the PEIN. You have to be attentive to the different crossroads you find, you will arrive at one where you have to continue southeast towards Sant Joan de Montdarn as indicated by the vertical signal flag. A few meters later you will find the tarmac road that you have to follow to the right towards Buidasacs, which is just over the road. Before the house, leave the tarmac and continue on the rural road on the right. The path continues to climb through fields and forests until you find a main track. Here you will again join the GR 176, which will continue to the left and soon you will find in Sant Joan de Montdarn. A small nucleus that houses the church of Sant Joan de Mondarn, consecrated in 902, and which until 1017 housed a small monastic community. It is another ideal place to take a short break. You are at a crossroads and GRs, you need to be aware and not go wrong. Follow the asphalt to the south, towards Viver i Serrateix (GR 179). You will soon turn off onto the track to the right of the paved road. You will see how you are rapidly rising. Pay attention to the nucleus of Viver on the slopes of the mountain range south.

After a steep climb, you come to the next junction of signposted roads, just on the BV-4235 access road to Serruita, which you only have to cross, once you have cleared the climb, and continue on towards Serruita. The track you follow goes down to the Plans and then La Coma stream. Keep going downstream. Aigüesjuntes joins the path that descends from Viver. About 500m further down the GR, which continues downstream, follow the path that goes up to Serruita with yellow markings. First, follow a fairly wide rural path, and then a more modest path to Cal Jepet. Once in the house, just follow the track to the road, and then follow it until you reach again in front of the Town Hall of Serruita.

  • Technical sheet

  • Route number: 66

  • Town: Viver i Serrateix

  • Type: Difficult

  • Distance: 25,5 km.

  • Time: 7 h.

  • maximum altitude: 728 m.

  • height difference: 625 m.

  • To organise

  • Cartography: 5-Berga. 1:25.000 Institut Cartogràfic i Geològic de Catalunya

  • More information

  • Bibliography: Inventari de Patrimoni: invarquit.cultura.gencat.cat

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