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The colony of Cal Marcal is part of the municipality of Puig-Reig and lies, along the river Llobregat, between the colonies Cal Vidal and Cal Pons.

The first documentary that Cal Marçal has been a factory Cal Marcal is from the year 1886 and refers to the granting of the use of water from the Llobregat River Llobregat as a power source for a factory yarn and cotton fabrics. This concession was granted to the Company "Antonio Torres. Hijos y Cia. " from Manresa.

In 1915, the company sold their properties to the society "Luis Pons Sobrinos" owners of the neighboring colony of Cal Pons and later, in 1929, the family Pons sold the factory to Josep Marsal Viladomiu and Santmartí , owner of Viladomiu vell.

From that moment, the factory and the colony took a new impulse. The year 1929 began to expand the factory and in 1932 settled new turbines that allow more energy and improve production. Soon, however,  the shock of the war arrives, with the misery and difficulties of all kinds of war. The colony does not grow again until the fifties. It was then when they built new homes, church services and more.

Although the factory was constantly modernized and specialized in production of sheets and towels, a strong textile crisis which affected, in the eighties, Catalonia and especially the Berguedà county- ended causing the closure of the factory in 1989. Today, however, within the ancient walls of one of the better preserved factories in the former colonies of Berguedà, thanks to its modern equipment, return to boil industrial activity adapted to our time.




Regarding the structure of Cal Marcal we can distinguish two parts, defined by a dividing line, the old county road. Below the road there is, properly, the colony, consisting in an eleven street buildings with six apartments each. This street goes parallel to the factory.


Beside the road, there is the neighborhood of Cal Marcal, with buildings of age and different types: flats, family houses, shops and an old cinema, now closed. Between these two villages there are two different spaces, the church and the so-called new flats, built with the expansion of the colony during the fifties years of the twentieth century.


Unlike other neighboring colonies, Cal Marcal there are no buildings with differences according to the social status of the residents,  nor will find any school building (the school was located on the ground floors of a house).


Areas of interest


The Church built in the early fifties of the twentieth century.

The factory: built in 1886.

River detritus beach: located between Cal Marçal dam and Cal Vidal; popularly known as "the beach of underpants."

Pine Source: from here you can enjoy a panoramic view over the Llobregat River.

Fishermen’s shed: Along the river, between Cal and Cal Marçal Pons.

Flag’s Hill: To enjoy a panoramic view of Puig-Reig and its surroundings.

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